Frequently asked Questions

How old do I need to be: 16 with written parental consent 18 without.

Is there a weight limit: 95kg male, 90kg female (above this weight at Club Chief Instructors discretion).

Do I need a medical: There are 2 forms if you can self sign form A you can jump, if for any reason you cannot sign form A you must get a doctor to sign form B to download a form touch the link. Bring a signed form A or B with you on the day.

What if I have a known medical condition or disability: we would look at each case individually and would require a medical certificate whatever your age, click here for a form.

How much does it cost: £250

Can I do it for charity: yes, if you raise enough sponsorship you can keep back the cost of your jump.

Can I have video: yes at extra cost of £100, depending on availability on the day.

What happens if weather stops the jump: You will be re booked on a later day.

How long will it take: it's best to be available for the full day and its better still if you can free up both days of the opening. We will operate into the evening to get you your jump done, if we have weather delays.

How do I book: contact Skydive Isle of Wight with a preferred date for booking forms and deposit terms via our online booking form.